MDSA membership to GIAI

The Managerial Data Science Association (MDSA) will be incorporated under the Global Institute of Artificial Intelligence (GIAI).

On the 1st, MDSA (Chairman Hoyong Choi, Professor of Biotechnology Management at KAIST) confirmed its incorporation into GIAI based on the decision of the New Year’s general meeting. As an issue that has been prepared since its establishment in March of last year, MDSA plans to conduct various AI/data science activities in Korea by utilizing GIAI’s global network, research capabilities, and educational capabilities.

GIAI is a group of AI researchers established in Europe in 2022, and its members include the Swiss Institute of Artificial Intelligence (SIAI), the American education magazine EduTimes, and MBA Rankings. SIAI is an institution where SIAI Professor Keith Lee, one of the founders of MDSA, teaches AI/Data Science. GIAI’s research institute (GIAI R&D) is operated based on a network of researchers from all over the world. Research papers and contributions from AI researchers are made public on the affiliated research institute’s webpage.

Meanwhile, MDSA is changing its website address with this incorporation. The previous address will be discarded and the homepage will be changed to the structure below.

The name of the AI/DS specialized magazine in operation will become GIAI Korea

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