MDSA Korean aI/DS news journal publication as of apr 2023

GIAI R&D Korea marked

The Managerial Data Science Association (MDSA) has been operating an online magazine since April 1,2023.

SIAI Professor Kyung-hwan Lee, one of the founders of the society, donated the Internet media company registered with Seoul City Hall to MDSA in October 2020, and MDSA will operate it as of April 1, 2023.

Subsequently, MDSA was incorporated under the Global Institute of Artificial Intelligence (GIAI), and the name of the journal was confirmed as GIAI R&D Korea, which refers to GIAI’s Korean research institute. GIAI is a group of global researchers and already has its own research institute in Europe. The research institute is already operating more specialized academic paper sharing and expert contributions than GIAI R&D Korea under the name of GIAI R&D. GIAI R&D Korea will also share Korean translations of some of the content operated by GIAI R&D.

In order to ensure the independence of the editorial journal’s opinion, ownership has been transferred to an independent corporation under MDSA, but the election of the editor-in-chief and verification of AI/data science knowledge are operated under the supervision of the MDSA board of directors. SIAI Professor Gyeong-Hwan Lee, who is in charge of MDSA’s audit, said that he referenced the structure of Newstapa, which has a reputation for investigative reporting in Korea, which operates an independent professional journal under the supervision of a non-profit corporation.