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Find hidden patterns in data

GIAI Research team operates GIAI R&D with researchers from internationally diverse backgrounds but with common interest. We find patterns in data that nobody else can find. The team is equipped with dedicated math/stat knowledge and sharp intuition, all of which help us to build a concrete logic and robust theory.

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Rerum Cognoscere Causas

find TRUE hidden CAUSE

GIAI RESEARCH is not seeking to find ways to automatize system, which is a typical misperception imposed on AI. What we truly look for is hidden patterns in data that are invisible without dedicated research. The ultimate goal of the R&D team therefore is to find the hidden factors and true causes. Automation is only a business application of our findings.


GIAI Research covers a wide variety of data science topics including mathematical modeling, simulation, pattern recognition, data visualization, and many other fields that require mathematically trained data science intuition

  • Data modeling
  • Scenario simulation
  • Pattern recognition
  • Data visualization